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Fees of the online service


The ConfWareTM online system looks great - so how much does it cost?


The pricing structure of the ConfWareTM online system is simple and predictable. The ConfWareTM has high ROI value, thanks to the system benefits: reduced workload and cost level as well as increased attendance and attendees' activity.

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1. Pricing schema based on per-registrations (Pay as You go) - for all types of events

In this structure, ConfWareTM online system can be employed for a single conference. We offer 4 packages with different services and prices. In this case the organizer can start the online registration with a one-time setup fee (consist of all conference-specific data setting) as immediate cost, so this schema is aligned to the revenue growth of your event.

The per-registration fee after newly registered participants at the end of the months. Per-registration fees allow you to easily budget the costs of the system as a portion of your registration fee.

Pricing schema
ConfWare online packages Setup fee*
Per-registration fee**
ConfWare online Standard yes yes
ConfWare online Pro yes yes
ConfWare online Scientific Standard yes yes
ConfWare online Scientific Pro yes yes

*  the fee extent is dependent from the package
** the fee extent is dependent from the package
*** events without registration fees - organized by non-profit organisations

2. ConfWareTM online PCO programme (Annual license fee)

The PCO programme (has been developed for Professional Conference Organizer firms) with annual licence fee can be the simplest and most cost-effective option in case of the continuous usage the ConfWareTM online system for multiple conferences by a PCO.

For the construction details please contact us!

Further informations

  • Service support (based on our eSupport Center Helpdesk system) is free of charge during the whole time period of the usage.
  • For special needs, we make customised offer, so feel free to contact us with particular requests. We are also ready to prepare unique usage structure regarding your facilities.

If you need more information about pricing, the technical details of usage or any other thing, do not hesitate to use our
"contact us" option.


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